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Fisherman Tales: What Our Happy Customers Have To Say 

Chris Cooper


I wanted to Thank Elite and Justin for such a great time on the water. I booked a trip for me and my 8 year old son to get some experience going after small and large mouth bass. Not owing a boat or having much experience out side of pond fishing with my son, I wasn't sure what to expect. Justin took time to explain why we were fishing in a certain spot. Why we used the baits and techniques we did. He helped my son master a bait caster at 8 years old. The whole day was exceptional in every way. I cannot share enough about how great our experience was. I have booked more trips for the spring and Summer already. I highly recommend if you want to catch a lot fish, learn how to be a better angler and just have a great time to use Elite Guided Services. Ask for Justin!


Michael W. Funtenatto


Justin from Elite Guide Services was amazing.  I Spent 1 hour in a private lesson a few days before our trip, and within 15 minutes I already felt like I was being told the best kept trade secrets.  His experience is only matched by his kindness and willingness to teach.  Patient and humorous I felt as if I were with an old friend instead of a total stranger. The fishing trip itself was a tremendous success.  I went from someone who has NEVER caught a bass in his life to catching 12 Small Mouth Bass, 1 Large Mouth Bass, 1 White Bass and as a bonus he even threw in a Walleye.  Elite Guide Services is by far a top-quality organization and I will most definitely use them again.


Laurence Subelka


If you're looking for a great guide here in Kansas or Missouri, make sure you contact Justin Sullivan from Elite Guide Services! Justin helped us find monster fish and was a great host while doing it! 100% professional and very knowledgeable. He was able to provide us with valuable information that we will be able to use in our future bass fishing adventures!! Thank you for a great trip and helping us gain memories that will last a lifetime!


Barry Linden


If you're looking to improve your fishing skills or just want to have a great fishing experience on the lake look up Justin at Elite Guide Services. You'll have a great time!


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